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New DoJ Dictionary: Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism – Terms and Concepts

Any unrepresented individual who files a civil suit in federal court against the United States, its agencies, or officials for violations of constitutional rights or who attempts to hold the United States, its agencies, or officials to the constraints of the Constitution are now considered to be an extremist! 

For What It’s Worth, Buffalo Springfield, 1967

Example: Rep. Stark insulting minutemen. 

Example: Rep. Stark “Federal government can do most anything in this country.” 

From the Official Justice Department Dictionary the following defined terms are the least criminally offensive terms. But when viewed in the collective nature one gets the impression that the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are using the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program (SLATT) to indoctrinate state and local law enforcement agencies to treat innocent individuals standing up for their rights as suspected terrorist or criminal extremists. So, are we now guilty until proven innocent? 
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CALIFORNIA: “The Second Amendment Doesn’t Have Any Application to Brandishing” a BB Gun?

Federal judge orders BB-gun toting woman to serve sentence
By Howard Mintz,
San Jose, California

August 24, 2010

A Santa Cruz jury convicted Saldinger more than four years ago of brandishing a weapon after she was arrested during a dispute with neighbors in which she displayed a BB gun as she chased them away from her horse farm. Saldinger and her husband had been feuding with the neighbors for months over the location of the boundary between their two properties.

“The Second Amendment doesn’t have any application to brandishing.” Deputy Attorney General Gregory Ott.

Next will be slingshots, blow guns and pea shooters (plastic straws) in that order. Doesn’t the Ninth Amendment protect the right to “brandishing” a Second Amendment BB gun for the protection of private property?