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Judge Mark Derrick and Prosecutor Don Raney Running a Kangaroo Court in Kensett, Arkansas Must Get Disbarred

NEWS FLASH (September 19, 2019): Chesterfield, Michigan: Grieving dad Jonathan Vanderhagen, 35, was acquitted Thursday of charges in connection with perceived online threats against a Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Rachel Rancilio following a trial before 41-B District Judge Sebastian Lucido in connection with social media posts that Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Rachel Rancilio found threatening.

Vanderhagen’s lawyer said client was merely lashing out at the court system regarding a custody case involving his young son, who died two years ago in the custody of the boy’s mother.

Vanderhagen had sought sole custody of his 2-year-old son, Killian. … The case has received national attention and sparked debate about free speech and fathers’ rights.

THE THREAT? (September 18, 2019) – “Dada back to digging & you best believe I’m gonna dig up all the skeletons in this court’s closet.” There is a photo of the man, Jonathan Vanderhagen, holding a shovel with the initials RR on the handle, with Families Of Corruption on his shirt, and the words: “The misuse of public power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain.” The Macomb County logo appears in the background.


Judge Derrick is facing a class action lawsuit by six Plaintiffs jn Nakita Mahoney et al. v. Judge Derrick, White County Circuit Court, Case No. 73CV-18-874, filed Novdember 14, 2018. The first paragraph in the complaint states: “This action seeks declaratory relief for thousands of people in White County, Arkansas, who have been and will be deprived of state and federal rights by the policies and practices of District Court Judge Mark Derrick. Those policies and practices have created an illegal, modern-day debtors’ prison in White County.

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