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Library of Congress Issues ISSNs for My Magazine

First I had to educate myself on magazine barcodes by using Google for my research. The next stage I used free online ISSN (EAN8) Barcode Converters and also used downloaded trial versions of barcode maker programs to compare the quality of the barcodes they produced. Using Adobe Illustrator to closely examine the barcodes revealed the 4-color layers of the barcodes where slightly misaligned. I decided to reconstruct the barcodes manually with Adobe Illustration.. I used Adobe Illustrator to overlay black bars and white bars on top of the poorly produced barcodes to create sharply defined barcodes. I removed the poorly defined barcodes when I finished the reconstruction. I now have the 12 monthly barcodes each for the online version and the print version. This barcode project took about 4 days for this do-it-yourselfer. I still have to find a magazine vendor to check the graphic accuracy of my barcodes with a scanner.

This magazine is my own project. I am starting it the with no resources and no help. At best in this concept stage all I can hope to do is rely on Fedex Office (formerly known has Kinkos Copy Center, then FedEx Kinkos, now it’s FedEx Office) to produce and sell the printed versions of my magazine. I will have to build my profits from scratch, pamphleteering style until I am on better financial footing.

If anyone has any printing equipment, digital cameras, database programs useful for a new magazine, or anything useful to building a magazine and would like to donate what the have please add your comments to this blog with your email address.

I need all the help I can get.

A Call for Articles and Volunteers as Peer Reviewers!

I am designing the skeletal structure of my magazine with Adobe InDesign CS4. I am designing it to display in Adobe Flash Player with page-curl/turning effect, and other new technology features as I speed along in my learning curve.

The timing is right to issue a call for articles and volunteers as peer reviewers. Anyone want to help?

I am also in need of donations, be it money, a digital camera, Wasp Barcode software to produce the ISSN barcode for the 12 months of issues, and other things that go into starting up a magazine, i.e., seed money, investors, etc.

IT IS OFFICIAL: Library of Congress Assigns ISSNs for My Magazine!

ISSN Publisher Liaison Section
Library of Congress
101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20540-4284
(202) 707-6452 (voice);
(202) 707-6333 (fax) (web page)


Dear Publisher:

This is your official notification that the following ISSN assignment(s) have been made under the auspices of the U.S. ISSN Center at the Library of Congress.  Please print or save this notification for your records.

American Common Defense Review (Online) = ISSN 2152-6028

American Common Defense Review (Print)    = ISSN 2152-601X

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Laptop Recovered! Thief Arrested & Jailed!

Chalk one up for the “Common Defence!”

The Theft and Miraculous Recovery of my $2,000 Laptop During this Christmas Season.

The theft of my brand new HP Pavilion DV8T Quad Edition (Entertainment PC), 18.4 inch screen (16 inch : 9 inch ultra wide aspect ratio) with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, 1 TeraByte 7200 RPM Serial ATA Harddrive (500 GB x 2), HP Integrated HDTV Hybrid Tuner, embedded Webcam, HDMI Port, 3 USB Ports, a Docking Port, ports for a Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card, and an xD‑Picture Card, and a Docking Port was devastating. The theft occurred at the Flying J truckstop in Fairview, Tennessee, I-40, Exit 182.

 The Fairview, Tennessee police officer Burgess took my report. However the police officer was not interested enough to view the security surveillance footage to get visual evidence. I got the impression that the police officer presumed the thief was long gone and there was no chance for an arrest. The manager of the Flying J truck stop acted like the video surveillance footage was too problematic for her immediate access, that it required permission from corporate headquarters the following day. She promised to email photos of the man I suspected of stealing my laptop from the surveillance footage. Photos that I did not receive (obstruction of justice?). 

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My Laptop Got Stolen. I Need Help With Recovery.

My HP Pavilion DV8T, 18.4 inch screen got stolen at a truckstop in Tennessee this morning. Scroll down to see the picture of the laptop. If you see someone in a truckstop restaurant or TV lounge with an HP Pavilion laptop with a wide screen ask the person to reboot the laptop to see a demonstration of the fingerprint scanner as the login method. If the person refuses get someone in authority to assist or call the police to assist.

If you discover that the person cannot login to the laptop call Police Officer Burgess, Case No. 09-6281, Fairview, Tennessee Police Department at (k615) 799-2435.

If surveillence video turns up a possible suspect the truckstop promised to email photos from the video footage.  I will post the photos here if I received them.

Obama Eligibility Ad in Washington Times, Nov. 30, 2009


On October 3, 2002, Rep. Paul — in an attempt to hammer home the point that only Congress has the power to declare war — made a motion to declare war on Iraq. The chairman of the House Committee on International Relations, Henry Hyde, rejected the motion by declaring:

“There are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by events, by time. Declaration of war is one of them. There are things no longer relevant to a modern society. Why declare war if you don’t have to? We are saying to the President, use your judgment. So, to demand that we declare war is to strengthen something to death. You have got a hammerlock on this situation, and it is not called for. Inappropriate, anachronistic, it isn’t done anymore.”  [Emphasis added.]

Warren Mass, Why Ron Paul Opposed the Gaza Resolution,, January 12, 2009

I guess requiring Congress to make sure a candidate for president of the United States is a natural born citizen is no longer relevant to a modern society, is inappropriate, anachronistic, and isn’t done anymore. Obama has made a monkey out of the American People. I guess treason is no longer relevent if the constitution is no longer relevant.