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FOX CHANNEL: Bones – Bullet in the Brain (Episode 11. January 27, 2011)

The Exploding Head Shot as Seen on Fox Channel

The Pyschological & Emotional Shock for TV Viewers
Watching a Demonstration of the Hydrostatic Shockwave of a
.338 Lapua Magnum Shot through the Head

Ex-Military Rogue Sniper Turned Vigilante for Hire
“Doing a Service to Society”

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BAE Systems: Adapting Aviation Laser Weapons System to Maritime Piracy

This just in!

New Non-Lethal Weapon to Fight Pirates in
Trial Stage of Development

Richard Gray, Laser Canons to Defend Ships from Pirates, Science Correspondent for The Telegraph, London, January 9, 2011

Lasers canons could be mounted on ships and boats to help fight off pirates attempting to board the vessels.

How many millions of dollars went into this adaptation of an Aviation Laser Weapons System to the maritime environment to defend against pirates when the simple defense against the Green Laser are red-lense protective eyewear?

See also BAE Systems Press Release, Dazzling Display to Combat Piracy, undated, but probably January 9, 2011.

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Executive Office of the President Searching Blogs for Intel on Second Amendment Solution Re: Somali Pirates

President Obama’s staff and perhaps even the Djibouti Government are searching blogs for a “Second Amendment Solution” to resolve the problem with Somali pirates. The screen capture below is from the Statcounter log for my blog, American Common Defence Review and it is my evidence that maritime nations may very well be considering a new maritime treaty for armed merchant vessels and crew and not just contract security teams. It is nice to be vindicated by such high profile members of Government (even though I do not personally consider Obama to be a legitimate President until he proves his eligibility in accordance with the dictates of the Constitution.)

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