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From the VOICE OF RUSSIA: Ukrainian Crew Beat Off Somali Pirates [with Firearms]

Ukrainian Crew Beat Off Somali Pirates

March 26, 2010 18:30 Moscow Time
Photo: EPA

(Voice of Russia) Reports yet to be confirmed say the crew of the Africa Star container ship have successfully used firearms to beat off an attack by pirates 350 nautical miles off the Indian Ocean coast of Somalia. There are six Ukrainians, three Bulgarians and one Rumanian on board. In a similar incident a year ago, the same vessel spent 7 hours under automatic gunfire from pirates. It was built in 1988 and is operated by a company in Hong Kong. Its habitual destinations are along the eastern seaboard of Africa and in South Africa.

Who did the shooting? The crew? Or contract security? If it was the actual crew who used the firearms and not specialized contract security personnel what does that say for the reluctance or refusal of United States to arm U.S.-flagged vessels, i.e., container ships?


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Like Mischevious Gremlins Alan Gottlieband and Wife Juilianne H. Versnel-Gottlieb as Wannabe Internationalists are at it Again!

March 16, 2010  (The Merchant of Fear) Alan Gottlieb  of the Second Amendment Foundation issued a press release titled, “SAF Helps Spearhead New Int’l Group To Protect Civilian Arms Rights.” Is this a another fame and glory, get rich quick scheme at the expense of the American People?

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