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American Merchant Seamen in Harm’s Way (Political Poem)

American Merchant Seamen in Harm’s Way
By Don Hamrick
© 2004 Don Hamrick

Pirates by sea, terrorists by land.
Through hostile waters we sailors dare steam,
Defensive weapons denied our hand.
Not the law of land or sea it would seem.

Without rhyme or reason,
September 11, a day of slaughter.
Security now a perpetual season.
Arm ourselves now! Sailors oughta!

Pirates and terrorists armed to the teeth,
With every blade and firepower within reach,
Against sailors defenseless as sheep.
For to arm sailors liberals would screech,

Would cause the Bill of Rights
To become our steering light.

A Nihilistic Form of Government, This United States! (Political Poem)

The American Legal System is Corrupt Beyond Recognition!” Screams Judge Edith Jones

On February 28, 2003 The Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (became the Chief Judge of the Fifth Circuit on January 16, 2006) told the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School that the American legal system is corrupt almost beyond recognition.

She said that the question of what is morally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically expedient. The change has come because legal philosophy has descended to nihilism.

“The first 100 years of American lawyers were trained on Blackstone, who wrote that: ‘The law of nature–dictated by God himself–is binding in all counties and at all times; no human laws are of any validity if contrary to this; and such of them as are valid derive all force and all their authority from this original.’ The Framers created a government of limited power with this understanding of the rule of law – that it was dependent on transcendent religious obligation,” said Jones.

“This is not a prescription for intolerance or narrow sectarianism for unalienable rights were given by God to all our fellow citizens. Having lost sight of the moral and religious foundations of the rule of law, we are vulnerable to the destruction of our freedom, our equality before the law and our self-respect. It is my fervent hope that this new century will experience a revival of the original understanding of the rule of law and its roots.”

Threats to the Rule of Law

The legal system itself.
The government.
The most comprehensive threat is contemporary legal philosopy.

“Throughout my professional life, American legal education has been ruled by theories like positivism, the residue of legal realism, critical legal studies, post-modernism and other philosophical fashions,” said Jones. “Each of these theories has a lot to say about the ‘is’ of law, but none of them addresses the ‘ought,’ the moral foundation or direction of law.”

Jones quoted Roger C. Cramton, a law professor at Cornell University, who wrote in the 1970s that “the ordinary religion of the law school classroom” is “a moral relativism tending toward nihilism, a pragmatism tending toward an amoral instrumentalism, a realism tending toward cynicism, an individualism tending toward atomism, and a faith in reason and democratic processes tending toward mere credulity and idolatry.”

Jones said that all of these threats to the rule of law have a common thread running through them, and she quoted Professor Harold Berman to identify it: “The traditional Western beliefs in the structural integrity of law, its ongoingness, its religious roots, its transcendent qualities, are disappearing not only from the minds of law teachers and law students but also from the consciousness of the vast majority of citizens, the people as a whole; and more than that, they are disappearing from the law itself. The law itself is becoming more fragmented, more subjective, geared more to expediency and less to morality. The historical soil of the Western legal tradition is being washed away and the tradition itself is threatened with collapse.”

Judge Jones concluded with another thought from George Washington: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness – these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.”

Upon taking questions from students, Judge Jones recommended Michael Novak’s book, On Two Wings: Humble Faith and Common Sense.

“Natural law is not a prescriptive way to solve problems,” Jones said. “It is a way to look at life starting with the Ten Commandments.”

Judge Edith Jones’ remarks inspired me to write my nihilistic poem which I include here:

A Nihilistic Form of Government, This United States!
By Don Hamrick
© 2004 Don Hamrick

Give us this day our daily servilism,
So that actual freedom may never taunt,
The spirit in us, into a future pugilism.
Lest the government forever haunt.
……………………………………………….How long?

Henry Hyde confessed that fateful day,
The Constitution, no longer relevant.
’Tis our fault we are slaves today,
We refused to be freedom’s adjuvant.
……………………………………………….How long?

Our Republican government, overthrown,
By the Department of Homeland Insecurity.
Terrorism, its propaganda, overblown,
Freedom guaranteed by enslavement to security.
……………………………………………….How long?

A new mythos proclaimed from this nihilism,
Only deadens our sense of discernment.
From this ethos of paranoia comes this falabilism,
You can’t be trusted. But trust the government.
……………………………………………….How long?

Deceiving us in a blanket of security,
That we are safe from a world of dangers.
Forever oppressed our sense of responsibility,
To protect ourselves from such harbingers.
……………………………………………….How long?

In vain we plead our Second Amendment right
To contest government edicts from on high
The courts rule our arguments as so much tripe
They say it does not apply on the thigh
……………………………………………….How long?

Three doors of government slammed shut
Leaving us to agitate for want of freedom
The rule of law now is anything but
As we live in this wretched thraldom
……………………………………………….How long?

How long will we sit and cower
Resenting those who act above the law
Before we stand up for balance of power
To stop the advancing rape of law
……………………………………………….How long?

Lost to us now our Bill of Rights
This Nihilistic government frights.
……………………………………………….Will it be much longer?

“Cataclysms” (A poem in Diamante form)

(A poem in Diamante form)
by Don Hamrick
© 2005 Don Hamrick
Independence, autonomy
Speaking, associating, traveling
Action, responsibility, permission, dependence
Obedience, submission, oppression
Laws, regulations
Dialog, lecture
Learning, questioning, teaching
Research, email, government, investigate
Harassing, intimidating, threatening
Coercive, abusive
Mingle, join
Participating, discriminating, voting
Society, congress, estrangement, alienation
Disassembling, segregating, dividing
Suppression, stealth
Constitutional, law
Deliberating, theorizing, concluding
Adjudicator, marshal, partisan, crony
Corrupting, lying, betraying
Biased, prejudiced
Guidance, balance
Regulating, administrating, delegating
Republic, commonwealth, nihilistic, despotic
Racketeering, marauding, transgressing
Indiscriminate, desultory

My Peom About Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Conservative Judges v. Liberal Justices

In August 1, 2003 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a lecture at the American Constitution Society, a liberal organization, on the Lone Ranger mentality of the United States standing apart from other nations who do not have such a high regard for individual rights and freedoms. I could not resist the opportunity to make a parody of her speech. Her unpatriotic remarks did not go unnoticed. See Joseph Farah’s commentary at and here. See also Ann Thompson’s article at

On April 1, 2005 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a speech at The 99th Annual Meeting of The American Society of International Law on Value of a Comparative Perspective in Constitutional Adjudication.

Her first words cited Deuteronomy 16:20 that is not from the King James Bible.

THE OUTRAGE: “Before taking up the diversity of opinions on this matter, I will state and endeavor to explain my view, which is simply this: If U. S. experience and decisions can be instructive to systems that have more recently instituted or invigorated judicial review for constitutionality, so we can learn from others now engaged in measuring ordinary laws and executive actions against charters securing basic rights.”

The King James Bible is the basis for the Code of Judicial Conduct “The Canons of Ethics.”

The King James Bible

Deuteronomy 16:18-20,

18: Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the Lord thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes; and they shall judge the people with just judgment.

19: Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift; for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.

20: That which is altogether just shalt thou follow, that thou mayest live, and inherit the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

In light of her political activism I wrote the poem you see below in defiance of her goals to bastardize our Constitution with foreign court opinions in matters having no jurisdiction to foreign courts:

Hailing From the Tower of Babel
by Don Hamrick
©2005 Don Hamrick

Ruth Bader Ginsburg chanting from an uncommon Writ
“Justice, justice shall you pursue, that you may thrive!”
Where, o’ where may our justice be found? Infers the twit,
But in the security of foreign lands to contrive!

O’ what Bible does this Supreme Court Justice follow?
Her read is certainly not from the King James!
She will have us pursue justice as some elusive swallow
Always beyond our reach, to spite her claims.

We can ignore our Constitution, she implies,
Because it no longer controls our authority.
Comparative analysis, will protect us, she belies
Against all threats in the global fratority.

O’ contraire! We, the People say,
Our Constitution is altogether just!
We shall follow the Constitution for our sake!
We say what it means, as we must!”

King James’ Deuteronomy is my comparative analysis
The Supreme Court today is our Tower of Babel
As we are held in this awkward state of paralysis,
Because there is no sense to Ginsburg’s rabble.

Defiant lines are drawn! Is civil war sensed?
Our highest court split by globalists’ sophistry.
Judicial review in league to conspire against,
Popular constitutionalism finding its place in history.

Oh! Dear God, I pray to thou!
For answers in these troubled days.
Why hast thine judges forsaken thee?
With no force of arms we are as slaves.