President Biden’s Trifecta-Perfecta of Treason

Originalism is in the Air for the Common Defence.

18 U.S. Code § 2381 Treason
18 U.S. Code § 2382 Misprision of Treason


(1). General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

(2). Monty Williams, Acting U.S. Attorney General. Deprtment of Justice, Washington, DC

(3).Christopher Wray, Director, FBI. Washington, DC

The United States is in a Stat of Civil War because Joe Biden’s campaign went Ultra Licitum (Latin: Beyond what is permissible or legal); Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th ed. (2019) p. 1755;to get Unconstitutionally Elected by Abuse of Process in terms of Constitutional Law. On that point alone that makes Biden’s election not only unconstitutional making him NOT qualified to be the President but Joe Biden committed Treason against the Constitution and guilty of Overthowing the United States Government. UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PRESIDENT TRUMP IS STILL THE PRESIDENT.

UPDATE On My Active Inter-American Human Rights Complaint Against the State if Arkansas and The United States


August 30, 2020         Federal Court Recommended Disposition.Pdf

August 27, 2020         Evidence – United Stayes Judicial History Is A Fraud

August 16, 2020         2020 8 13 Judge Teresa Smith Judge Derric.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Emails Uploaded to IACHR.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Plaintiffs’ Motion for Class Cerification.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Brief in Support of Class Certification.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Brief in Support of Partial Summary Judgment.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Nakiti Undisputed Facts for Partial Summary Judgment.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Nakiti Motion for Summary Judgment.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Defendent’s Brief in Support of Summay Judgment.Pdf

August 13, 2020         Https://SSRN.Com/Abstract=1881347

August 13, 2020         Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment.Pdf


Comes the Defendant, Mark Derrick, in his official capacity as district judge
for the 23rd judicial district of the State of Arkansas, by and through his attorneys,
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, and Senior Assistant Attorney General
William C, Bird and Assistant Attorney General Vincent P. France, and for his
Motion for Summary Judgment,. does state:

1. Plaintiffs filed this Complaint on August 9, 2018, seeking prospective
declaratory relief against District Court Judge Mark Derrick.

2. Judge Derrick moves this Court for summary judgment in his favor as
to Plaintiffs’ claims, in their entirety, for the following reasons:

a. ABSOLUTE JUDICIAL IMMUNTY bars relief because Plaintiffs seek
declaratory relief which is retrospective in nature;

[MY COMMENTARY WIT EVIDENCE: Absolute Immunity has been a Judicial Fraud and a Judicial Treason against the United States Constitution throughout the Judicial History of the United States. SEE Pat McPherron, Proof That Absolute Immunity From Suit is Not Constitutional, July 18, 2011.]


The long and winding road to removing absolute immunity from suit for judicial acts is coming to an end. With Vodak v. City of Chicago, 092768 (CA 7, March 17, 2011) exposing municipalities to significantly higher levels of liability, and Connick v. Thompson, 563 U.S. 51 (2011) (decided March 29, 2011) inducing strong responses from several Supreme court justices, the trend on absolute immunity from suit is on the wane. There is hope the dissent of Justice Souter in Seminole Tribe of Florida v. Florida, 517 U.S. 44 (1996) will be revived, as modeling social equity in the markets for justice implies he is correct in that the Constitution was a rejection of significant areas of common law. Note that shortly after ratification, Justice Chase asserts equal justice is new. The Founders clearly did not expect judges to be so independent as to be free from suit. It was after the Constitution was signed that the courts introduce common law from the early 1600’s in order to grant judicial acts absolute immunity. These assumptions ignore that by the end of the 1600’s, holding magistrates more accountable was under consideration.

American courts public policy assumptions as to absolute immunity from suit can be summed up as ‘BALANCE OF EVILS’ arguments. The expected result on the markets for justice is a return to conditions existing during the INTOLERABLE ACTS, which cannot be socially equitable, AND THEREFORE NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.


Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.”

Sir John Harington, “Of Treason,” The Letters and Epigrams of Sir John Harrington . . . , Norman E. McClure, book 4, epigram 5, p. 255 (1977). The complete edition of his epigrams was published in 1618. [In Suzy Pratt, ed., Congressional Research Division, “Respectfully Quoted: A Ditionary of Quotations Requested From the Congressional Research Service. Library of Congress, Washington, DC. 1989.


Edwin Vieira, Jr. Dare Call It Treason: “Gun Control and Treason,” March 29, 2013.

Yet even “the standing army” must be presumed to number within its ranks a not insignificant core of individuals with sufficient insight and foresight to recognize their own self-interest—as well as their constitutional, political, and moral duties—and to align themselves with other patriotic Americans in order to take the steps necessary at least to mitigate, if not entirely to correct, the present situation. Steps such as rejecting “gun control”, and on the foundation of that rejection revitalizing “the Militia of the several States”.

First, however, all Americans must dare to call things by their right names.


Samuel Moyn, Rights vs. Duties: Reclaiming Civic Balance, Boston Review, A Political and Literary Forum, May 16, 2016.

“Our age of rights, lacking a public language of duties, is a historical outlier. The consequences are significant. Human rights themselves wither when their advocates fail to cross the border into the language of duty; insofar as compliance with norms on paper is sought, the bearers of duties have to be identified and compelled to assume their burden. But duties may have an even larger role to play than simply completing the circuit of rights fulfillment.


Every RIGHT has a corresponding DUTY to protect each and every RIGHT, The Second Amendment is the RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms. The Common Defence in the Preamble to the United States Constitution is the DUTY. That makes National Open Carry an embedded right the way it existed when the Constitution was ratified. Gun Control is Treason against the Constitution just as Absolute Immunity is Treason against the Constitution.

August 12, 2020        Federal Court = Hamrick V Govnr Of Arkansas et al.

August 10, 2020         Federal Court Case.Pdf

August 10, 2020         Habeascorpus001.Pdf

August 10, 2020         IACHR – Bruce Menser Lunatic Email.Pdf

July 27, 2020              Kensett Chief of Police Vendetta For Revenge

July 4, 2020                 IACHR Evidence of Wrongful Death of My 86 Year Old Mother.Pdf

July 4, 2020                 Mensers Last Act of Desperation.Pdf

July 4, 2020                 My Second Complaint of Improper Admin of Justice.Pdf

July 4, 2020                 Imminent Constructive Eviction.Pdf

July 4, 2020                 Notice of Removal To Federal Court.Pdf

July 4, 2020                 KKK = Kensett Kangaroo Kourt

June 22, 2020              Complaint to DOJ Civil Rights Div Criminal Section.Pdf

June 22, 2020              Preliminary Injunction.Pdf

June 13, 2020              Immediate Informal Notification of the Death of My Mother 86

June 13, 2020              Dismissal Expungement Exoneration Demanded

June 13, 2020              Six Jurisdictions Now Involved

June 5, 2020                Legal Notice Mailed to Pres Trump and Wm Barr

June 5, 2020                Mailed To President Trump and Atty Gen Wm Bar

May 29, 2020              Triple Jurisdiction Evidence

May 18, 2020              Added Pages 39–46 In #2 Necessity for Bruce Mesner

May 17, 2020              New Evidence Against the State of Arkanssas #2

May 17, 2020              New Evidence Against the State of Arkansas #1

May 3, 2020                Genocide Charge Against China And W-H-O.

April 30, 2020            Arkansas and United Nations Corruption

April 23, 2020            Problem with China and World Health Organization

April 17, 2020            Addendum to Request or Precaution Measurements Against All Countries

April 11, 2020            Request for Precautionary Measures

March 23, 2020          Declaring Democrats Enemies of the State

March 23, 2020          Correction Page 3 Butterfly Effect

March 21, 2020          Corrected Pages 6, 7, & 21 In Provisional Measurement

March 21, 2020          Provisional Measurement Against United Stayes

March 19, 2020          Essential Right to Life Evidence

March 19, 2020          Essential Evidence Supporting My Petition

March 18, 2020          Adding Evide4nce

March 18, 2020          Adding Evidence

March 18, 2020          Adding Evidence

March 18, 2020          Official Petition

March 18, 2020          Adding Evidence


My Dual Federal and International Human Rights Complaint

My logo is at the concept stage at the moment. This Post represents the purpose of my intended future organization that will do what the NRA and the Gun Owners of America refuse to do: Declare the Common Defence (Preamble) (original spelling in the U.S. Constitution) and the Second Amendment are human rights for United States citizens.

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My Criminal Complaint and Civil Complaint doubling as my Human Rights Complaint at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, DC. (Petitition No. P-330-20) has been active since February 2020.

The bottom entry is my Request for Precautionary Measures Against the (1) United Nations; (2) the United States; and (3) the State of Arkansas.

I live by The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is also known as The Ethic of Reciprocity. I combined several human rights treaties into one and listing the individual human rights as Ethics to give them a sense of enforcement. This gives a whole new meaning to “no ethics at all.” (The Ethics of Reciprocity) Equating human rights with ethics fits the application of two theories. (1) Newton’s Third Law of Motion: Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction as applied to Behavioral Psychology in Crime and Justice.  (2) The Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang as expressed in the I Ching (or Book of Changes), the ever-changing relationship between the two poles [of the Earth] is responsible for the constant flux of the universe and life in general. When there is too great an imbalance between Yin and Yang, catastrophes can occur such as floods, droughts and plagues [i.e., Chronavirus? Crime & Justice]. (; (3) The Butterfly Effect from Chaos Theory of weather prediction as applied to Behavioral Psychology in The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is a nice theory, But not everyone follows that Universal Truth. That is why I compileg and presented my proposed Universal Affirmation of Human Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, and Duties to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, DC. If it passes screening, it will go to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica.

I added the Second Amend as a vital element for the Common Defense as human rights. That is something I did that the NRA refused to do because the NRA is crippled by the politics of Group Think. I don’t have that disability. I instinctively used Critical Thinking and Occam’s Razor throughout my life avoiding the fog of partisan politics.