My Advice To President Trump: Treat the Impeachment Effort as a Treasonous Congressional Insurrection & Call out the U.S. Marine Reservists to Suppress the Insurrection in Accordance With Federalist Papers Nos, 8, 9, & 10.



The whole Democrat Party are committing a treasonous insurrection in their attempt to overthrow President Trump with no impeachable evidence. Democrats, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff and others will continue their impeachment efforts untill President Trump will have no coice but to call out the U.S. Marine Reservists to supress the congressional insurrection.

The Timeline below suggests that President Trump took my advice to suppress the congressional insurrection.

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My Latest Amici Curiae Briefs in the Case Against Arkansas Judge Mark Derrick

I am defying Judge Mark Derrick’s unconstitutional Court Order because it is based on a case of Entrapment when I was running for Mayor of Kenset. Kensett District Court Clerk Christina Alberson had been accepting my exculpatory motions by email until the day she refused to accept my emailed motion. Form that moment of Entrapment the entire case that followed  was unconstitutional. By Christina Alberson refusing my emailed motions she commited obstruction of justice by violating Arkansas Administrative Order 21 — Electronic Filing.

WARNING FOR JOHN POLLARD, KENSETT CHIEF OF POLICE: If Judge Mark Derrick is stupid enough or corrupt enough to issue an unconstitutional court order for my arrest for failure to appear (See Brief #28 below), in light of the fact that the List of My Amicus Curiae Briefs against him puts him in a Conflict of Interest with my case will be added grounds for his disbarment by the Judicial Discipline Commission My amicus curiae briefs are Judge Derrick’s motive to get revenge by ignoring his conflicts of interest and convict me again. John Pollard will face a career ending crisis if Judge Derrick issues that court order. If John Pollard arrests me on that court order then he joins the criminal conspiracy against my rights and the depravation of my rights under color of law. He risks prison if he is that stupid.

Judge Mark Derrick, Prosecutor Don Raney, and Kensett District Court Clerk Christina Alberson are corrupt to the extent that U.S. Attorney Cody Highland can prosecute the trio in federal court on crimes against civil rights: 18 U.S. Code § 241 Conspiracy Against Rights and 18 U.S. Code § 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct for Judges like Judge Mark Derrick

Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys like Prosecutor Don Raney.

COMPLAINT Nakita Lee Mahoney, et al. v. Judge Mark Derrick, Pulaski County Circuit Court, Case No. 60CV-18-5616, filed August 9, 2018 (50 pages).

Judge Mark Derrick’s ANSWER to the COMPLAINT (in a combined format I produced for easier reading) filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court October 15, 2018

Click for the Current Docket of Nakita Lee Mahoney, et al. v. Judge Mark Derrick, White County Circuit Court, Case No. 73CV-18-874, filed November 14, 2018.

The list the follows is the list  of the Amicus Curiae Briefs I filed against Judge Mark Derrick in favor of the Plaintiffs. That makes a Total of 23  briefs I have filed. Brief #(28) is my best brief so far.

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Judge Mark Derrick and Prosecutor Don Raney Running a Kangaroo Court in Kensett, Arkansas Must Get Disbarred

NEWS FLASH (September 19, 2019): Chesterfield, Michigan: Grieving dad Jonathan Vanderhagen, 35, was acquitted Thursday of charges in connection with perceived online threats against a Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Rachel Rancilio following a trial before 41-B District Judge Sebastian Lucido in connection with social media posts that Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Rachel Rancilio found threatening.

Vanderhagen’s lawyer said client was merely lashing out at the court system regarding a custody case involving his young son, who died two years ago in the custody of the boy’s mother.

Vanderhagen had sought sole custody of his 2-year-old son, Killian. … The case has received national attention and sparked debate about free speech and fathers’ rights.

THE THREAT? (September 18, 2019) – “Dada back to digging & you best believe I’m gonna dig up all the skeletons in this court’s closet.” There is a photo of the man, Jonathan Vanderhagen, holding a shovel with the initials RR on the handle, with Families Of Corruption on his shirt, and the words: “The misuse of public power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain.” The Macomb County logo appears in the background.


Judge Derrick is facing a class action lawsuit by six Plaintiffs jn Nakita Mahoney et al. v. Judge Derrick, White County Circuit Court, Case No. 73CV-18-874, filed Novdember 14, 2018. The first paragraph in the complaint states: “This action seeks declaratory relief for thousands of people in White County, Arkansas, who have been and will be deprived of state and federal rights by the policies and practices of District Court Judge Mark Derrick. Those policies and practices have created an illegal, modern-day debtors’ prison in White County.

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My Amicus Curuae Brief in Favor of the U.S. Constitution to the U.S.Supreme Court

I filed my amicus brief in U.S. Supreme Court case in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. City of New York (NYSR&PA). This case, with my amicus brief, is the kingpin Second Amendment case to restore National Open Carry to its proper constitutional status. There are 46 attorneys representing the plaintiffs and respondents in the NYSR&PA case. I emailed my amicus brief to all 46 attorneys and I Priority Mailed 11 copies to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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The Outlaws are Taking Over and President Trump Can Stop It Dead in Their Tracks



A Socialist Form of Government Versus
A Republican Form of Government

The United States Constitution in Article IV, Section 4 states that:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

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My Notice of Legal Action Against the U.S. Supreme Court

Clayton Higgins, U.S. Supreme Court Case Analyst, screwed up applying judicial bias against my appeal.


PERSONAL INJURY: On May 27, 2019 I suffered I congestive heart failure polishing my appeal at FedEx in Fairfax, Virginia, before printing, under the stress of knowing that every case I filed from 2002 to the present in all the federal courts I filed in,  including the U.S. Supreme Court was dismissed or denied, check PACER. I spent 7 days at the V.A. hospital in Washington, D.C.  where I had a stent inserted into my heart. $1 million
On June 6, 2019, filed my appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court by delivering my appeal to the police booth. n/a
On or about June 8, 2019 my rejected appeal arrived at my residence. $1 million
PERSONAL INJURY: On June 10~11, 2019 I suffered a mini-stroke and a full stroke that landed me at the White County Medical Center’s Emergency Room in Arkansas. $1 million
On June 12, 2019, I transferred to V.A. hospital North Little Rock for speech, physical and occupational therapies. n/a
The U.S. Supreme Court in Hamrick v. President Bush, et al, 540 U.S. 940, SCt. No. 03-145, Cert. was Wrongfully Denied October 6, 2003 violating U.S. Supreme Court Rule 10(a). $1 million
U.S. Supreme Court Rule 28.8. predisposes the appeals of unrepresented appellants to denial of their appeals. This violates the First Amendment right to petition the Government for redress of grievances. $1 million
The U.S. Supreme Court’s Guide For Prospective Indigent Petitioners For Writs Of Certiorari contains the one-form-fits-all for all income brackets titled Affidavit or Declaration `In Support Of Motion For Leave To Proceed In Forma Pauperis.  This form is unconstitutional on its face because the form does not take into account the poor in income brackets below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The Supreme Court’s form is based on the Court’s prejudice against the poor in like manner to Rule 28.8. $1 million
TOTAL $6 million

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