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The Rebellious Movements!

My question here is when will all constitutional rights advocacy groups form an alliance and march on Washington, DC ?

More will be added when I find them. I am talking recommendations/suggestions on other movements based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and other amendments to the Constitution.

The Open Carry Movement

I would like to know of any open carry lawsuits in state or federal courts.

The Tea Party Movement

The Tenth Amendment Movement

Article V Convention Movement


2 thoughts on “The Rebellious Movements!

  1. Don,

    The only “Constitutional” power/force the people have over fedgov “Officials” is the ballot box. The People (and only the People) elect all 435 Congressmen every two years; Article I, Section 2. Congressmen control, or can control, fedgov’s money; Article I, Section 7.

    Good Luck,


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