My Preliminary Intent Behind my Human Rights Petition

These two law books will prepare me to present my case to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. I intend to propose two Provisional Measures against the United States.

THE FIRST PROVISIONAL MEASURE will stop all gun control legislation dead in their tracks and restore the Second Amendment and the Common Defence to their original intent and original constitutional standing. That means all gun control laws obstructing the Common Defense will be declared unconstitutional and unenforceable. THAT’S MY INTENT.

THE SECOND PROVISIONAL MEASURE  will compel the United States to remove Debtors Prison Schemes and Kangaroo Courts from the Federal & State judicial landscape. THAT’S ALSO MY INTENT TO PROTECT THE POOR FROM REVENUE-PURPOSED FALSE ARRESTS AND FALSE CONVICTIONS.

I will apply for pro bono representation through the IACHR.

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