My Latest Amici Curiae Briefs in the Case Against Arkansas Judge Mark Derrick

I am defying Judge Mark Derrick’s unconstitutional Court Order because it is based on a case of Entrapment when I was running for Mayor of Kenset. Kensett District Court Clerk Christina Alberson had been accepting my exculpatory motions by email until the day she refused to accept my emailed motion. Form that moment of Entrapment the entire case that followed  was unconstitutional. By Christina Alberson refusing my emailed motions she commited obstruction of justice by violating Arkansas Administrative Order 21 — Electronic Filing.

WARNING FOR JOHN POLLARD, KENSETT CHIEF OF POLICE: If Judge Mark Derrick is stupid enough or corrupt enough to issue an unconstitutional court order for my arrest for failure to appear (See Brief #28 below), in light of the fact that the List of My Amicus Curiae Briefs against him puts him in a Conflict of Interest with my case will be added grounds for his disbarment by the Judicial Discipline Commission My amicus curiae briefs are Judge Derrick’s motive to get revenge by ignoring his conflicts of interest and convict me again. John Pollard will face a career ending crisis if Judge Derrick issues that court order. If John Pollard arrests me on that court order then he joins the criminal conspiracy against my rights and the depravation of my rights under color of law. He risks prison if he is that stupid.

Judge Mark Derrick, Prosecutor Don Raney, and Kensett District Court Clerk Christina Alberson are corrupt to the extent that U.S. Attorney Cody Highland can prosecute the trio in federal court on crimes against civil rights: 18 U.S. Code § 241 Conspiracy Against Rights and 18 U.S. Code § 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct for Judges like Judge Mark Derrick

Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys like Prosecutor Don Raney.

COMPLAINT Nakita Lee Mahoney, et al. v. Judge Mark Derrick, Pulaski County Circuit Court, Case No. 60CV-18-5616, filed August 9, 2018 (50 pages).

Judge Mark Derrick’s ANSWER to the COMPLAINT (in a combined format I produced for easier reading) filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court October 15, 2018

Click for the Current Docket of Nakita Lee Mahoney, et al. v. Judge Mark Derrick, White County Circuit Court, Case No. 73CV-18-874, filed November 14, 2018.

The list the follows is the list  of the Amicus Curiae Briefs I filed against Judge Mark Derrick in favor of the Plaintiffs. That makes a Total of 23  briefs I have filed. Brief #(28) is my best brief so far.

(01) February 26, 2019: Amicus Brief – Mandatory Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts: Arkansas Rules of Evidence Rule 201(b) Kinds of Facts & (d) When Mandatory.

(02) March 4, 2019: Mandatory Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts: Courtesy Copy Apparent Noncompliancde of Order 21 With 9 Questions to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

(03) May 20, 2019: Amicus Brief – Objectying to Defendant Judge Mark Derrick’s Motion & Brief For Judge on the Pleadings.

(04) July 30, 2019: Amicus Brief – Rule 406 Habit – Routine Practice of Corrupt Judge Derrick and Prosecutor Don Raney in Conspiracies for False Convictions of the Factually Innocent Poor People in White County, Arkansas. This Amicus Brief Presents Excerpts From My Previous False Misdemeanor Convictions, Case Law, and Law Rview Aticles on False Convictions and on Absolugte Immunity Bdeding a Doctrinde is Violating the Checks ann Balance System of Our Republican Form of Government.

(05) August 1, 2019: Amicus Brief – The Treasonous Lynching of America.

(06) August 12, 2019: Amicus Brief – Latin Legal Maxims About Bad Judges.

(07) August 15, 2019: Amicus Brief – Courtesy Copy of my Amicus Curiae Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in Favor of the U.S. Constitution.

(08) August 26, 2019: Amicus Brief – Evidence Proving Absolute Immunity Must Be Abolished.

(09) September 3, 2019: Amicus Brief – I Filed the Briefs Listed Below Against Judge Derrick Because I Am Innocent But He Falsely Me of Misddemeanors Anyway.

(10) September 9, 2019: My 1st Letter to President Trump.

(11) September 12, 2019: Amicus Brief – Restoring the Militia Act of 1792 to Counteract the Single-Shooter Mas Murder Scenario as thde Unintended Consequncdes of the De,uzsional Gun Control Doctrine.

(12) September 12. 2019: My 2nd Letter to President Trump.

(13) September 16, 2019: Amicus Brief – I Am Preparing My Complaint of Cognizable Misconduct of State and Federal Judges and Prosecutors Nation Wide Including the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court for the Judicial Conference of the United States in Accordance with 28 U.S. Code § 331.

(14) September 16, 2019: Amicus Brief – Misasouri Senate Bill 367 The Second Amendment Preservation Act Uses the Tenth Amendment to Restore The Second Amendment To Its Original Intent. Now If Only Same Can Be Done To Abolish Absolute Immunity.

(15) September 17, 2019: Amicus Brief – Absolute Immunity is Based Upon a Judge’s Sexual Assault (Sterilization) of a 15-Year-Old. Absoute Immunity Must Be Abolished.

(16) September 18, 2019: Rule 2.15 Notification Under The Judicial Code of Conduct: Judge Derrick is Disqualified for Bias, Loss of Impatiality, Loss of Fairness and for alleged Incompetence for FRefusal to Sua Sponte Dismiss Kesent District Court Case No. CR-19-433n with Prejudice Based on a False Affidavit for Arrest Warrant and for Refusal to Expunge My Previous Misdemeanor False Convictions as Tainted by His Prejudice Against Me Under Rule 2.11 of theJudicial Code of Conduct.

(17). 2019-09-23 AMICUS BRIEF – Motion for Joinder

(18). 2019-09-27 AMICUS BRIEF – Motion Judicial Code of Conduct

(19). 2019-09-30 AMICUS BRIEF – Emergency Motion Judicial Code of Conduct

(20). 2019-09-30 AMICUS BRIEF – Seeking Timely Relief From Ark House Judiciary Committee

(21). 2019-10-02 Plaintiffs’ Objection to Motion for Joinder (emailed to me)

(22). 2019-10-03 AMICUS BRIEF – The Extreme Importance

(23). 2019-10-03 Plaintiffs’ Objection to Motion for Joinder (mailed to the Court)

(24). 2019-10-03 My Rebuttal to Objection to Motion for Joinder

(25). 2019-10-03 COURT ORDER Denying Judge Derrick’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings & Motion to Stay Discovery

(26). 2019-10-07 AMICUS BRIEF – The Looming Disbarment of Judge Mark Derrick and Prosecutor Don Raney | My Motion for Declaratory Judgment

(27). 2019-10-07 (Duplicate) Objection to Motion for Joinder

(28). 2019-10-09 AMICUS BRIEF – I AM INNOCENT | Coincidence? Or Did President Trump Take My Advice to Declare Marshall Law on Congress for Their Treasonous Insurection Attempting to Impeach the President with No Impeachable Evidence of High Crimes or Misdemeanors? | Then There is the Parallel Comparison Between President Trump Characterizing the Impeachment Attempt with No Impeachable Offenses as a Kangaroo Court and My Characterization of Judge Mark Derrick’s Kensett District Court as a Kangaroo Court Proves My Constitutional Right to Defy Judge Derrick’s Unconstitutional Court Order as Justified by the Rule of Law.



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