For Amateur Radio Operators and Pole Climbers

HF NVIS Antenna Design
For Emergency &
Disaster Communications

For Amateur Radio Operators
 and Pole Climbers

Don Hamrick/KI5SS

Modification of the Single Wire Portion of
The Chameleon Skyloop Antenna




Apothem (center to the side) = 34.641 feet

Perimeter = 240 feet

Southwire roll of speaker wire = 250 feet;
Split the twin leads of 2 rolls (not practicle at 250
feet). It’s better to buy 4 rolls.

Image result for HEXAGON dimension angles


6 utility poles, 40 feet in length; 6 feet in the ground, in a hexagon pattern

2 or 4 rolls of heavy gauge Southwire speaker wire or equivalent.

12 feet, 4 X 4 treated lumber; cut in 2-feet lengths @ 45 degree angle (6 pieces).

12 steel plates, 4 X 8 x ¼ thickness in inches. Recommend drilling 6 holes  in each plate,
3 holes in each half of the plate separated at a
45 degree angle in the middle of the plate.

24 Lowe’s Fi-Shock Wood Post Electric Fence Insulators, Item # 93685;
98 cents X 24 = $23.52.

8 tie-off/tensionors to one pole for Chameleon Skyloop Balun feed point.

Best Way to Climb the Poles?

The alternatives to American climbing spikes
was a big surprise for me.

CLIMBING SPIKESDon’t use traditional American climbing spikes. They damage the surface of the wooden utility pole. But, on the other hand, when the diameter of a “tree” is too large you will have no choice but to use climbing spikes. This post is limited to wooden utility poles used for amateur radio antennas. Wooden poles are the poor man’s alternative to amateur radio antenna towers. I need a method to climb tall poles without using the destructive traditional American climbing spikes.

I found three alternative methods.

(1) The Mumbai, India Solution

I searched Google, Google Images, and YouTube videos for the best alternative method to climbing wooden poles. The most comfortable and cheapest method came from Mumbai, India. It appears to be made from bicycle parts.

YouTube Video on the Mumbai, India Solution

(2) The Switzerland Solution (Too Expensive)


YouTube Video on the Switzerland Solution

This is Switzerland’s High Step Solution. For me? It is the High Dollar Solution because there is no way I can afford this system. But it appears to be the best corporate application.

(3) The Slovenian Solution (PERFECT SOLUTION)



The best solution is the Slovenian (next to Italy) Plemont Pole Climbing Company’s UNI‑W‑Standard Pole Climbing Shoes.

YouTube Video on the Slovenian Solution

Plemont Pole Climbing Company
In Slovenia (Next to Italy)

The Plemont Company emailed their invoice to me. I will be ordering their shoes March 1st. Plemont’s invoice is on the next page with their brochure after that page.


The Next Stage
When I Can Afford It

Then, the next problem to solve is finding six, 40-foot utility poles. Then it’s finding an auger truck to drill the 6-foot holes in the ground and a Catepillar Bobcat Claw to plant the 6 poles. That’s going to be a huge problem to solve. But, I will have the Slovenian pole climbing shoes ready to climb those poles!


Another alternative method. Utility pole without the arms  for my purposes.

This JCB Pole Planter seems to be the best method to plant 6 poles in a hexagon pattern.

The Advantage to Using Critical Thinking and
Occam’s Razor is Finding Perfect Solutions.

Take nothing for granted.
Question everything.
Do your own research.
Think for yourself.
Arrive at your own solutions
without any influence from others.
From that, you find the right solutions!



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