My Blog Stats for the Last 23 Hours

After 2 years, 8 months, not posting to this blog I thought I would not have any visitors to this blog. I was wrong. In the last 22 hours, 53 minutes my StatCounter logged 54 visitors from 11 Countries. That means I had 1 visitor every 1 hour, 12 minutes in 22 hours, 53 minutes.


35 visitors = United States
19 visitors = Other Countries.


United Kingdom = 5 visitors
Belgium = 3 visitors
Australia = 2 visitors
Norway = 2 visitors
South Africa = 2 vistiors
Canada = 1 visitor
Finland = 1 visitor
Singapore = 1 visitor
Switzerland = 1 visitor
Turkey = 1 vistior

All visitors but two visited my OH SHIT! FUNNY ACCIDENT PHOTOS page in the Menu bar above. The link to those photos have gone viral globally because they are a global interest. Perhaps the best photo is the pleasure speed boat crashing head-on into a channel marker. The boat’s name = Temporary Insanity II. “Now, that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.” (Larry, the Cable Guy quote).

A Chicago, Illinois visitor and a Canadian visitor visited my post from 2011

A second Chicago, Illinois visitor was interested in my 2010 post, “Excerpt from my Introduction to my dismissed admiralty lawsuit for the Second Amendment (National Open Carry for American merchant seamen).


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