For Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas

Governor Asa Hutchinson,

You now have a massive clean-up job to do cleaning up the Arkansas Judicial Branch of the rampant corruption and bias against the poor people of Arkansas that is sanctioned by Arkansas laws and Rules of Court. Restoring the Presumption of Innocence to the Arkansas Rules of Evidence and the Rules of Criminal Procedure would be a good start. You can also start by firing David Sachar of the Judicial Discipline Commission and Stark Ligon of the Office of Professional Conduct. See pages 3–6 in the Affidavit for due cause to fire Stark Ligon specifically for his overt bias and prejudice against my statutory and constitutional rights. David Sachar must also be fired for his lack of action regarding   my ethics complaint against Judge Mark Derrick to which my appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court is about, including Prosecutor Don Raney, Judge Milas Hale from Sherwood District Court, and Judge Robert Edwards of White County Circuit Court.

I am going for the Holy Grail of Prosecutorial, Judicial, and Court Reform. Life tenure for judges and justices must be abolished. Absolute immunity must be abolished. Qualified immunity must be reduced to limited or restricted immunity. Immunities have gone too far when constitutional rights of the poor become targets in an unconstitutional debtors’ prison scheme followed by political retaliation to my campaign for Mayor of Kensett.

Blatant criminal activities of prosecutors and judges under the protections of immunities from prosecution is tantamount to letting the fox run loose in the chicken coop. That must end. The checks and balance system must be restored to the judicial branch of the state and federal governments. 

There are several purposes for this appeal. They’re all explained in the appeal.
1. Exoneration from two misdemeanor False Convictions, permanently expunge my record.
2. FBI Public Corruption investigation & prosecution of conspiracies against my rights and violations of my constitutional rights under color of law. Federal crimes.
3. Disbarment of Prosecutor Don Raney, Judge Mark Derrick, Judge Robert Edwasrds, and Judge Milas Hale from Sherwood District Court.
4. Prosecutorial, Judicial, and Court reform to restore the checks and balance system in the Arkansas judicial branch of government. Abolishing absolute immunity for judges. Reducing qualified immunity to limited or restricted immunities because immunities have gone way too far.
5. Strengthen disbarment enforcement authority for the Office of Professional Conduct (bad prosecutors) and Judicial Discipline Commission (bad judges).
Pages 14–15, Appeal to Arkansas Supreme Court
7. The Cause and Effect Analysis of My Second False Conviction Or The Double-Down Theory of Corruption
Police Officer Laura Ballentine, working full-time as the office clerk for Kensett Water and Sewer Department of Kensett City Government filed her false Affidavit for Arrest Warrant. I was campaigning for mayor of Kensett, Arkansas.
I had been emailing my Exculpatory Motions to Christina Alberson, Mayor’s Assistant & Court Clerk for the Kensett District Court. About a month or so before Laura Ballentine filed her false Affidavit for Arrest Warrant Christina Alberson for whatever reason she had blocked my email address preventing me from emailing my court documents to her to be filed with the Kensett District Court.
RIGHT THERE! By blocking my email address, preventing me from filing my court documents by email, Christina Alberson BROKE THE LAW! I had no choice but to alternatively email Laura Ballentine to her unjustified annoyance.


Was it a criminal conspiracy between Christina Alberson and Laura Ballentine? They both work shoulder-to-shoulder at Kensett City Hall. What annoys one of the will annoy the other because they are friends. My campaign for Mayor with the intention to make Kensett a Corruption Free Zone must have been perceived as a personal threat to them. What they did to me was all messed up in their minds. They took criminal action against me as a candidate for mayor that boiled up into political retaliation with false criminal charges.



Section 1(a) Purpose:
This order establishes statewide policies and procedures
governing the electronic filing process in all the courts in Arkansas.
That’s my evidence proving my innocence.

Christina Alberson blocking my RIGHT TO ELECTRONIC FILING triggered the cause and effect, in other words, she started the dominos falling leading to Laura Ballentine’s FALSE AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT, Judge Mark Derrick’s FALSE ARREST WARRANT, Prosecutor Don Raney’s MALICIOUS PROSECUTION, and Judge Mark Derrick’s FALSE CONVICTION. That’s a state & federal criminal conspiracy against my constitutional rights. That’s State jail or Federal prison time.

From these events the four of them, Christina Alberson, Police Officer Laura Ballentine, Prosecutor Don Raney, and Judge Mark Derrick, committed the federal offenses of CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS (18 U.S.C. § 241) and the DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW (18 U.S.C. § 242)

Hence, my demand for an FBI Public Corruption investigation and prosecution into the Kensett City Government and the Kensett District Court, and the White County Circuit Court.

Considering the fact that Order 21.—ELECTRONIC FILING proves my innocence then under the RES IPSA LOQUITUR DOCTRINE as applied to Criminal Law against the offending parties listed in pages 4–7 herein (My Appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court), everything else that followed in my second misdemeanor false conviction proves that the Kensett District Court is being run as a kangaroo court in violation of the law by convicting innocent people.

My demand for remedies are
justified and enforceable.


The Exhibits prove my case under the
Don Hamrick/KI5SS

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