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The Joyner Bolt from the UK

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My 83-year-old mother has Alzheimer’s. I am the only one willing and able to answer her request to be her live-in caregiver to take care of her and her husband of 87-years-of-age. See 42 U.S.C. § 11201 (8) and (9). Being a caregiver falls under the “privileges and immunities” clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The job as her caregiver started out as being just their driver because they admitted they were too old to drive safely. But the job evolved to being their cook, all-around handyman, gofer, checking their mail, intermittently being their bill paying manger and anything else that make their lives safer and comfortable.

From month to month I have been using my own VA non-service connected disability pension to buy the requisite tools to build a wheelchair ramp before I start buying the lumber. I now have a Dewalt Miter Saw and a Skill Circular Saw with a laser guide. My mother recently got her wheelchair.

In planning the build for the ramp I wanted the best bolt I could find. I wanted something better than the Coach Bolt and better than the Lag Bolt. I searched Google and found The Joyner Bolt. See the YouTube video introducing the Joyner Bolt.

joyner-bol_6601I was sold! I decided to build my American wheelchair ramp using the UK’s Joyner Bolt, size M12, 180mm length for the impression factor. Now that’s style!

I will use the Joyner Bolts to connect the 2 X 10 side boards to the 4 X 4 posts (the framework) for the ramp.

Read the 2015 press release.


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