George Washington quotation:  “If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst.”

This is just my WAG (Wild Ass Guess) for the future of the United States if the U.S. Government left-wing liberals and home-grown ISIS sympathizers continue their policy of political correctness and appeasements with the lack of full-force self defense or (defence as spelled in the U.S. Constitution) against the infiltration, invasion, westward movement of ISSI hell-bent on their global caliphate through genocide. If their genocidal madness reaches the United States will Congress continue with their delusional legislation against the Second Amendment?  Or, will We, The People repeat history once again with the right of armed self-defense with citizen militias as happened most recently in The Battle of Athens, Tennesse? I wonder.

Review my April 21, 2009 post: The Battle of Athens, Tenn. 1946 is the Origin of U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Report on Rightwing Extremist Slamming U.S. Veterans and Second Amendment Advocates!.

My belated thank you to Bob (March 20, 2013) for the link to the full movie, The Battle of Athens, Tennessee, 1946 (99 minutes). I have been involved in my own private hellish war with my 36-year-old daughter in the father-daughter relationship as she is still brainwashed by her long deceased mother’s Parental Alienation Syndrome. More on that later.

I encourage everyone to watch The Battle of Athens, Tennessee movie and keep in mind that this movie has applicable relevance to today’s political corruption in the U.S. Government and in many, if not all, State and county governments only because of the apathy in We, the People.

The fight for reunification of our nation begins with, in my opinion, the family as the fundamental fabric of our country. A good start to end this national family feud is legislative and judicial reform of Family Courts, and to criminalize Parental Alienation and Grandparent Alientation (PAGA?) as a hate crimes.

My alleged daughter, Danielle Lynn Hamrick (36 years old) (now Giovannetti) is the poster child for criminalizing Parental Alienation and Grandparent Alienation. She is married to an honorable man that I respect, (even though I have never met him), because he stood up against me for his family in defense of his wife, my daughter based on the lies his wife told him about me. You cannot blame a man for acting while not knowing the full truth. But when he is told the truth the burden is on him to do the right thing. That’s the moral code. There is always two sides to every story. But if he knew the truth about his wife as I know it about my daughter, he would, I believe, unless he is equally brainwashed with hatred,  jump at the opportunity to help me resolve the father-daughter relationship on my behalf because he is a member of the fatherhood clan. I am still waiting for him to realize what the right thing to do is in his situation. I have faith that he will eventually see the truth. Why? Because of her employment threatens everyone’s freedom in the State of New York. (That’s the political angle to her behavior. She could persuade her boss to prosecute an innocent father, a victim of parental alienation, just because that father made an extra effort, completely legal in every way, to be a father, notwithstanding any criminal acts the father actually committed.)

Because Danielle Lynn Giovannetti, my daughter, was and probably still is, a clerk for the New York State Attorney General’s Office (Eric T. Schneiderman, NY State Attorney General). Danielle grew up under her mother’s Parental Alienation Syndrome, learning to be rebellious, distrustful, and oppositionally defiant to the father-daughter relationship. Long story short, she eventually grew to hate me so much that she she filed for a restraining order because I was in Arkansas emailing her in my attempts to restore the father-daughter relationship. I would not have hitchhiked to the court in Watervliet NY fast enough for the hearing. I missed the hearing. The misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued. In my protest I became a misdemeanor fugitive in the State of New York.

So, Danielle Lynn Giovannetti is a prime example why the reunification of this nation under the United States Constitution must begin with the family. Because a member of anyone’s family can grow up to achieve a position in government, be it local, county, state, or federal government and impose tyranny on us all. Because it happened to me, it can happen to anyone. That’s the threat to our freedom. Imagine! I am a fugitive on a misdemeanor arrest warrant simply because I made an extra effort at my role as a father in the father-daughter relationship with a daughter who happens to be a clerk for the New York State Attorney, Eric T. Schneiderman. That’s my threat to the loss of my freedom. What’s yours!

More on my fight for justice in the State of New York later.

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