FOX CHANNEL: Bones – Bullet in the Brain (Episode 11. January 27, 2011)

The Exploding Head Shot as Seen on Fox Channel

The Pyschological & Emotional Shock for TV Viewers
Watching a Demonstration of the Hydrostatic Shockwave of a
.338 Lapua Magnum Shot through the Head

Ex-Military Rogue Sniper Turned Vigilante for Hire
“Doing a Service to Society”

Network and prominent Cable TV channels are saturated with federal and state law enforcement shows. The Fox Channel’s show, Bones, has upped the ante in the competition for ratings with their Bullet in the Brain, Episode 11, that aired Thursday night, January 27, 2011. With traditional scenes of after-the-fact murder victims at the scene and sanitized as-it-happened murders becoming mundane and predictable the screenwriters for Bones decided the time is now for that periodic shock to the social standards of society without any regard to the borderline undiagnosed psychopaths and sociopaths of society with undiscovered dreams for notorious fame to top the nation’s worst killers.

The show begins with the transport of a female “prosecutor turned killer” known as the “Gravedigger.” On the way to the courthouse for the final appeal Dr. Sweets (FBI psychiatrist) accompanies the Gravedigger at her request for psychological counseling during transport. The Gravedigger’s intent is to win the appeal by psyching-out the psychiatrist, to mess with his head before he testifies. Dr. Sweets unwittingly reveals a possible flaw in his diagnosis during his conversation with the Gravedigger stating that the Gravedigger is “sane, technically speaking. And you are not going to convince me otherwise if that’s your plan to win your appeal.” Dr. Sweets admits to the Gravedigger that there is a remote possibility that her conviction (death penalty) could be overturned.

The video angles of close up views of both the Gravedigger and Dr. Sweets is intended to draw the viewer in to achieve a closeness between the two opposing characters as a participating observer. The intended transport was to deliver the Gravedigger to the back entrance of the courthouse but due to an unexplained closing of the back entrance, a detail that should have drawn the suspicion of the highly experienced FBI agent Seeley Booth but didn’t amongst the chaotic sign-waving crowd of anti-death penalty protests and the lesser group of activist supporters for the death penalty. Agent Booth is acting more like a crowd control police officer than an FBI Agent supervising a prisoner transport.

The Gravedigger’s final psychological artillery shot at Dr. Sweets inflicts serious self-doubt causing him to do a lot of soul searching. The Gravedigger tells Dr. Sweets, “I’m the lucky one, Lance. If my appeal falls through I die. But you’re forced to live everyday as a repressed imature individual spouting canned theories to people who don’t really care. Everyone knows who’s the weakest link in the chain. You testify at my appeal and I’m gonna walk.” The Gravediggers admonishment rattles Dr. Sweets as he is visibly shaken and put on the defensive by the Gravedigger. Her psych-out is working.

What appears to be “green blood” flowing from the body in the photo below is “red blood” reflecting the green leaves from the tree near the prisoner transport bus in the photo above.

Cartridges for Long-Range Sniping Rifles
Anthony G Williams
This article is a slightly updated version of one first published in Small Arms Review,
October 2008 issue

cartridge metric calibre rim diameter (inches) bullet weight (grains) muzzle velocity
muzzle energy
(ft lbs)
7.62mm M118LR 7.62×51 0.470 175 2,550 2,540
.300 Win Mag 7.62x66B 0.532 190 3,000 3,815
.338 Lapua Mag 8.58×71 0.587 250 3,000 5,020
.375 CheyTac 9.5×77 0.630 350 3,050 7,270
.408 CheyTac 10×77 0.630 419 2,900 7,860
.416 Barrett 10.5×83 0.800 400 3,250 9,430
.460 Steyr 11.6×90 0.800 600 3,000 12,050
.50 BMG 12.7×99 0.800 709 2,827 12,650

The Super .338 Magnums
(.338 A-Square, .338 Excaliber, .338 Lapua, 8.59mm Titan and .338-378 Wby.)

By Chuck Hawks

What I am calling the “Super .338 Magnums” are a series of .338 caliber cartridges intended to take advantage of the generally excellent sectional density (SD) and ballistic coefficient (BC) of .338″ bullets to create the ultimate long range cartridge. All of these cartridges are based on outsized cases (usually something along the lines of a blown-out, necked-down .416 Rigby) and were designed to drive a 250 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3000 fps or more. They are larger and have more powder capacity than the .338 Remington Ultra Mag and .340 Weatherby Magnum.

The purpose of most of these cartridges is the taking of large, heavy game at long range. The exception is the .338 Lapua Magnum, which was originally designed as an ultra-long range sniper cartridge for military use. And even the .338 Lapua has made the transition to long range big game cartridge.

.338 Lapua Magnum

The .338 Lapua Magnum dates back to 1983 when it originated as a U.S. military project. The design goal was a 250 grain bullet at 3000 fps. Early experiments conducted by Research Armament Company in the U.S. used a necked down .416 Rigby case, but the ultimate version of the 8.58x71mm (.338 Lapua) is based on a new and unique case.

In 1987 Lapua of Finland commercialized the cartridge that now bears its name and secured CIP approval. (CIP is the European equivalent of SAAMI in the U.S.) Lapua and Norma of Sweden produce factory loaded ammunition in .338 Lapua. Rifles are offered by Dakota and Sako.

The .338 Lapua Magnum uses a large but conventional rimless bottleneck case. It has a rim diameter of .588″, and an overall cartridge length of 3.681″. It is an impressive looking cartridge.

I have seen reloading data that indicates that a 250 grain bullet can be driven at a MV of 3000 fps with ME of 4995 ft. lbs. from the .338 Lapua. Lapua factory loads drive a 250 grain Lock Base soft point bullet at a MV of 2974 fps or a 275 grain A-Frame bullet at a MV of 2581 fps. The 8.58x71mm military load uses a 250 grain spitzer-boat tail FMJ bullet at a MV of 2950 fps with muzzle energy (ME) of 4830 ft. lbs. This round is considered effective for sniping at 1500 meters!



Reloading data indicates that a 250 grain bullet can be driven at a MV of 3000 fps with ME of 4995 ft. lbs. from any of the super .338 magnum cartridges. A quick look at the “Rifle Trajectory Table” shows that such a load using a 250 grain spitzer bullet (BC .473) would have a maximum point blank range (+/- 3″) of 297 yards. This can be taken as typical performance.

The biggest disadvantage to any of these .338 super magnums is their fierce recoil and muzzle blast, which is way beyond the level that most shooters can tolerate. For instance, according to the “Rifle Recoil Table” a shooter with a 9.5 pound rifle in .338-378 Weatherby, shooting a 250 grain bullet at a MV of 3000 fps, is facing 46.5 ft. lbs. of recoil energy. It is strongly recommended that any of the super .338 Magnum rifles be equipped with an efficient muzzle brake, and that the rifle be fired only when the shooter is wearing maximum hearing protection.

There is no doubt that the .338 super magnums can deliver terrific power at long range. My article “The .338 Lapua Magnum” relates that the .338 Lapua, for example, has a maximum optimal range of 442 yards for 1000 pound game animals. However, as the same article concludes, “Whether anyone is ever justified in shooting at heavy game at such ranges is another question.”

There is no defense against a sniper. Now we have to worry about the mentally unstable getting the sniper idea and start blowing the heads off of anybody, anywhere, anytime. It’s enough to turn the innocent into an Agoraphobic! (Agoraphobia: Fear of going outside.) Just another reason for the U.S. Government to treat the American people at large as UNSUBS. A term frequently used on Criminal Minds for Unidentified Subjects.

First they went after the .50 cal. sniper rifle. Remember? Now the Fox Channel presents a cause for the Government to go after .338 caliber sniper rifles. Eventually the Government will go after our sling-shots and pea shooters to make us safe! Oh! Dear God! The hype of it all!

A society perpetually living in fear of everything is prima facie evidence for a Government to protect us from cradle to grave forever dependent upon the Government. We have forgotten how to be free and independent with Television as our Slave Master for the Government.

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