U.S. Coast Guard’s National Maritime Security Advisory Committee Considers Second Amendment Rights of U.S. Seamen for April Meeting in Washington DC

My 89-page Proposal for the Restoration of
Second Amendment Rights of American Merchant Seamen for the
NMSAC April 2011 Meeting in Washington, DC.
Click on the image above to download the Proposal in PDF.

Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, MM, MTM-Chairman*
11 Katahdin Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107-2828 USA
Phone 207-799-5141
E-Mail: Mirage@maine.rr.com

Mr. Hamrick-
Thank you for your correspondence and please keep in touch with me regarding this discussion.  I will review the documents and as NMSAC chair will see if it is appropriate for consideration formally by the committee in consultation with the USCG and the committee’s vice chair and working group chairs.  As a licensed master mariner with 30 years experience, it is a timely issue in view of recent world events.
Thank you for your efforts. 

*Captain Jeffrey Monroe, Master Mariner, Master-Transportation Management, is Vice President of Transportation Services North America for the MacDonnell Group, based in Portland, Maine.

Extending an Open Invitation to Participate in the
NMSAC April Meeting in Washington, DC

NMSAC’s January 19-20, 2011 meeting.

NMSAC’s Homepage.

For updates on NMSAC and the maritime developments see John C. Bennett’s blog, Maritime Transportation Security News & Views.

I am extending an Open Invitation to the NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO, and every other Second Amendment advocacy group to participate in the April 2011 NMSAC meeting. Restoring the Second Amendment and the Ninth Amendment right to openly keep and bear arms in intrastate and interstate travel, i.e., National Open Carry under the Common Defence Clause of the Preamble to the Constitution, for U.S. merchant seamen is the best way to restore Second Amendment rights for all American citizens. Forget about the NRA’s pet agenda for National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry! That’s treason to the Second Amendment because the Second Amendment is a vital function of the Common Defence Clause. The best approach here is through Federal Preemption of State and local laws giving due regard to resurrecting the Letters of Marque and Reprisal to combat Somali piracy that is now getting out of control. This is the best way to go to restore Second Amendment rights.

Just like the old country music song “I was Country when Country wasn’t Cool” song by Barbara Mandrell, I was National Open Carry when it wasn’t cool 9 years ago. Now, today, with Somali pirates getting out of control the situation is producing international calls to arm merchant vessels and their crew (not just adding contract security teams aboard ships). This new found interest in the human right and the sovereign right of armed self-defense of merchant vessels on the high seas has caused the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. State Department to begin in 2009 to inquire with foreign ports of all maritime nations about their local and national laws on armed merchant vessels entering their ports. This accumulating database (what the Coast Guard calls the Matrix) will be the foundation for a new maritime treaty for armed merchant vessels of all maritime nations.

I have alread done all the hard hard in bringing this issue to NMSAC for the April Meeting. Now I invite the NRA, SAF, GOA, and JPFO to step up and join me in this golden opportunity to restore the Second Amendment right to National Open Carry! It is not so ridiculous as you once thought it was! A decaying society will always restore a people to the reality of Natural Law.

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