Are Parrot Air Drones Being Reported as UFOs? If So, Are They Being Put to Other Mischievous or Criminal Uses?


Thomas Frey with AR.Drone by Parrot at CES in January 2010.
Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google’s top rated futurist speaker.

Photo of AR.drone Flying Over and Between Buildings in Paris, France, January 4, 2010

Will they be mistaken for UFOs when they are flown at night between 500 and 1,000 feet altitude?

Fox 5 News: Here We Go Again? Mysterious Blue UFO Spotted Over Virginia

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy law professor Orin Kerr at George Washington University taking a break from law review articles and other mundanely recurring duties of university life to post his delightful diversion on the blue UFO sighting. Neither he nor those posting their comments even hinted at the possibility of the UFO could be a Parrot Air Drone. 

Watch the YouTube video links below and you will see the behavior of that reported UFO is identical to the Parrot Air Drone that was featured at CES 2010. No doubt someone has configured a personal drone to fly between 500 and 1,000 feet in altitude. Well, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

I suspect we will all start seeing more low level UFOs in the night sky. I might even suspect a personal drone fly over of a motorcade. But whose motorcade? Obama’s? Cheney? That would be a heart stopping moment. A foreign dignitary? This is the stuff movies are made of. And no doubt I can safely predict that there will be a terrorism movie with a Parrot Air Drone having a pivotal role in a movie.


Watch for an increase in the sales of baseball bats to correspond with the sales of these personal drones. And watch for the abusive or illegal use of these personal drones. It is inevitable! It is the mischievous or criminal mind that will find criminal uses for these personal drones. I can just image the kind of civil and criminal cases arising from these personal drones. Will the courts accept and affirmative defense to destroying a personal drone owned and operated by federal, state, or local law enforcement over one’s right to privacy? public nuisance? How will affirmative defense stand  in court for the charge of damage or destruction of a personal drone when the noisy motors on these personal drones are silenced by their technological development? Their very design induces the imagination that will encourage new ways of traditional stalking or cyber stalking.

Between Government and private citizens invading our privacy we don’t stand a chance at keeping our freedoms under our control. This is an example where techology turns recreation into a threat to our right to privacy.


Parrot Air Drone at CES 2010

Parrot AR.Drone RED PROTOTYPE flight demo controlled with an iPhone (2008)


Drones ready for peep into everyday life

Drones Get Ready to Fly, Unseen, Into Everyday Life

Paparazzi ‘to deploy unmanned drones’
Celebrities could soon be running for cover as paparazzi deploy unmanned drones to take their pictures, according to reports.

Getting stuck in a tree.

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