I’m Slowly Joining the Big Dogs in the New Media

Since I got official recognition from the ISSN Division of the Library of Congress I have the authority to issued a PRESS PASS to myself in the name of my own magazine: American Common Defence Review. I stamped “Sample” over it and used the black/white photo to prevent fraudulent use of my press pass.

I also bought the Sony IC Recorder, ICD-PX720 with companion software at Office Depot for $60.

The Digital Recorder is the perfect tool for transcribing interviews directly on my laptop through the USB Port, the fundamental function of a reporter.

However, the Sony install CD does not provide a device driver for Windows 7. Sony has not updated the support web page for the Windows 7 device driver even though Windows 7 was released three months ago in October 2009. Why Sony USA is dragging their feet on the Windows 7 device driver is a question I could not get an answer. All answers from their online chat sessions were vague and uninformative.

A Google search revealed that Sony ASIA does have a new version of the companion software and the Windows 7 device driver but when I tried the download the ERROR message stated that their server was under mainenance and to try again latter. Two days of attempted downloads were unsuccessful. I finally made the call to Sony USA 800 tech support provided the answer. After the installation of the companion software you will have to manually update the driver for Windows 7 by using Windows Vista 64 bit driver.

I did not keep exact notes on how I installed the device driver but it involved Device Manager and a Device Driver Install Wizard, a right click on something, then the Browse Button to get to: C:/Program Files (x86)/Sony/ICD-PX Series Driver as per Sony Tech Support Telephone Operator. However, a simpler way may be to go straight to the folder and double-click on PXDriverSetup.exe.

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