Library of Congress Issues ISSNs for My Magazine

First I had to educate myself on magazine barcodes by using Google for my research. The next stage I used free online ISSN (EAN8) Barcode Converters and also used downloaded trial versions of barcode maker programs to compare the quality of the barcodes they produced. Using Adobe Illustrator to closely examine the barcodes revealed the 4-color layers of the barcodes where slightly misaligned. I decided to reconstruct the barcodes manually with Adobe Illustration.. I used Adobe Illustrator to overlay black bars and white bars on top of the poorly produced barcodes to create sharply defined barcodes. I removed the poorly defined barcodes when I finished the reconstruction. I now have the 12 monthly barcodes each for the online version and the print version. This barcode project took about 4 days for this do-it-yourselfer. I still have to find a magazine vendor to check the graphic accuracy of my barcodes with a scanner.

This magazine is my own project. I am starting it the with no resources and no help. At best in this concept stage all I can hope to do is rely on Fedex Office (formerly known has Kinkos Copy Center, then FedEx Kinkos, now it’s FedEx Office) to produce and sell the printed versions of my magazine. I will have to build my profits from scratch, pamphleteering style until I am on better financial footing.

If anyone has any printing equipment, digital cameras, database programs useful for a new magazine, or anything useful to building a magazine and would like to donate what the have please add your comments to this blog with your email address.

I need all the help I can get.

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