Admiralty Lawsuit for Second Amendment Entered Final Polishing Stage

My Admiralty lawsuit is nearly ready for printing and the subsequent filing at the U.S. District Court for DC. I will post a link to the PDF version on this blog soon. The lawsuit is 450 pages recapping 7 years of federal litigation by me, an unrepresented civil plaintiff, a merchant seaman pushing for National Open Carry Handgun in intrastate, interstate, nautical, and maritime travel. Via antique via est tuta (The old way is the safe way).

In this Admiralty complaint I punch up the Common Defence aspect of the Second Amendment as implying open carry throughout the United States to aid in the defense of one’s self and of others in the community whether you are an in-state resident or an out-of-state visitor in interstate travel.

I also punched up the growing threat of Islamic Sharia Law in the United States as their basic theocratic doctrine is that non-Muslims have no right to keep and bear arms. When push comes to shove in this scenario there will eventually be a civil war, or what some might call a religious Holy War between Christians and Islam, that is of course if the American people at large ever wake up to see what is really going on in their country.

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