If Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, and He Then is NOT Eligible to Be President Does That Mean He is Elligible for Murder Charges of Those 3 Somali Pirates?

How Obama actually delayed pirate rescue

“SEAL team deployment stalled 36 hours, hampered by limited rules of engagement”

From WorldNetDaily.com:

In fact, when the USS Bainbridge dispatched a rigid-hull inflatable boat to bring supplies to the Maersk Alabama, it came under fire that could not be returned even though the SEAL team had the pirates in their sights.

Many hours before the fatal shots were fired, taking out the three young pirates, Phillips jumped into the Indian Ocean with the idea of giving the snipers a clear target. However, the SEAL team was still under orders not to shoot.

Hours later, frustrated by the missed opportunities to resolve the standoff, the commander of the Bainbridge and the captain of the Navy SEAL team determined they had operational authority to evaluate the risk to the hostage, and took out the pirates at the first opportunity – finally freeing Phillips.  


If President Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States he is NOT eligible to be the President of the United States. He is then holding that office illegally and without authority to exucute any orders or Rules of Engagement of any kind, especially for the killing of those three pirates. Under strict interpretation of the Rule of Law and the Law of the Sea or the Law of Nations, President Obama will have to be charged with three counts of murder.

This is a question that is stacked on top of Obama’s original birth certificate question further complicating his situation as President of the United States.

This is legal reasoning and NOT political hyperboli! Everyone who filed a case challenging Obama’s elligibility based on the natural born citizen requirement has been dismissed for lack of standing. To my knowledge no one but me has had a case in a federal court naming President George W. Bush as defendant when Obama took office.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Rule 25(d) Substitution of Parties.  Public Officers . . . Separation from Office.An action does not abate when a public officer who is a party in an official capacity dies, resigns, or otherwise ceases to hold office while the action is pending. The officer’s successor is automatically substituted as a party. Later proceedings should be in the substituted party’s name, but any misnomer not affecting the parties’ substantial rights must be disregarded. The court may order substitution at any time, but the absence of such an order does not affect the substitution.

I have a Second Amendment case for Seamen’s rights in the U.S. District Court for DC, No. 08-1698-EGS, which is now at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, No. 09-5012. I filed a Motion for a Court Order with the U.S. District Court for Hawaii to compel the Hawaii Department of Health is produce a certified copy of Obama’s original birth certificate. I am still waiting for the ruling on this Motion.

If I don’t have standing to challenge President Obama to prove his eligibility to be president and subsequently his eligibility to be a defendant in a lawsuit as President of the United States then anyone who ascends to the Office of President by any means necessary can and do act above the law as theorized by former President Nixon that a president can act above the law.  Does that theory now hold true for murder of those three Somali pirates? (Even though in my opinion those pirates got what they deserved – but were they lawfully killed under the Law of the Sea (or the Law of Nations) for piracy, or were they killed unlawfully at the order of a President who is not eligible to hold that office thus making turning the otherwise lawfully killing of pirates into three counts of murder by Order of the President’s unlawful Rules of Engagement. Will this ultimately bring down Obama? Or insure his Prize to the Presidency?


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