The Huffington Post: Alberto Gonzales = A Horse’s Ass!

I have a Second Amendment case that has been obstructed by attempted extortion at the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis, and the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, and now Krista Jaffe, U.S. Supreme Court Police, Threat Assessment Unit, by all appearances, refuse to investigate, or to even correspond with me by email on my allegations!

Hamrick, pro se v. President Bush, 8th Circuit, No. 07-2400; appeal from U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Arkansas, Little Rock, No. 06-0044. Second Amendment case employing the RICO Act against the U.S. Government.

You can download court documents from here. Just check my earlier postings further down.

A Horse’s Ass by Association?

Extrapolating the “Horse’s Ass” analogy below it stands to reason that the U.S. Attorneys and Assistant U.S. Attorneys, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service, and even now, Krista Jaffe, U.S. Supreme Court Police, Threat Assessment Unit, believed to be toting the party line by obstructing Second Amendment cases from proceeding to trial while the U.S. Department of Justice advocates the Second Amendment as an individual right, (see online at: makes all involved a bunch of “criminal assholes” suitable for lawsuits for civil rights violations, fraud, and racketeering an unlawful and an unconstitutional protection scheme over the Second Amendment under the RICO Act! See online at: :

This Is An Interesting Claim…

Red’s Trading Post, which has been having some problems with ATF about what sounds like trivial errors with a few of the Form 4473s, mentions something a bit worrisome:

As I have stated before ATF DIO Richard Van Loan has stated that he would have never revoked our license if we had purchased a computerized system. He neglected to contact us to find out that we had purchased 2 software systems that could not handle the amount of volume that we do. A third system we looked into was $9,000 just for the software. We then tried out other firearms software that we offered from one of our distributors, which we had issues with as well. We finally settled on a system from ARS Solutions. It is a $12,000 system that has just been make available for lease. Yet the ATF has now deemed this system before our judge, that is so widely used and touted…inadequate. Our Box Store Competitor has just developed a Million Dollar system.

If Red’s is permanently closed by ATF, they will have to turn over the last 20 years of Form 4473s–or about 40,000 gun purchase records. Red’s is concerned about the possibility that ATF is using the combination of requiring a computerized system and putting stores like Red’s out of business to create a de facto gun registration system.I understand their concern (although realistically, even all the 4473 forms in the U.S. wouldn’t give even a 30% complete gun registration list), but I think there’s another issue that should be looked into: is it possible that some sort of corrupt deal has been made by some ATF bureaucrat to require a particular software vendor’s system? If you don’t buy a system from a particular vendor, you get extra special scrutiny, and then get closed down for trivial errors on paper forms?


“Going Back to Texas to Be One More Horse’s Ass”

by Peter Smith
Posted August 27, 2007 | 12:03 PM (EST)

“So paste a tail upon my nose and point me toward the grass. I’m going back to Texas to be one more horse’s ass.” — Shel Siverstein

When an army withdraws from a battlefield, it doesn’t just turn and run. It slips away one or two units at a time, leaving other units in place to cover the exit. It’s called strategic withdrawal.

Like Rove’s, Gonzales’ departure from Washington should be seen as part of the greater Bush administration strategic withdrawal from Washington. He is, in Shel Siverstein’s words, “Going back to Texas to be one more horse’s ass.”

Better a strategic withdrawal now than a wholesale retreat in January of 2009. A trickle of departures, followed by presidential pardons on the way out of town, will be smoother and more historically graceful somehow.

(For pure symmetry, it would be fun to see the Bushies conclude the whole sorry show with one last James Baker and Theodore Olson appearance in front of the Supreme Court. Then Baker could leave D.C . for Texas aboard the Enron plane the Bush’s lawyers took from Texas to Florida in November of 2000.)

In true George W. Bush fashion, this strategic withdrawal leaves the rest of the Republican Party — and the rest of the nation — holding the bag. With the country in a shambles, with our civil rights shredded, with Iraq eternally SNAFU’ed, and players like Rove, Gonzales, and who-knows-who-else safely back in Texas, the Bush administration can take the theme for the rest of its term from National Lampoon’s Animal House:

“You F’ed up. You trusted us.”

So, bye-bye Karl. So long Alberto. Take care of Texas until Cheney and Bush get there. And don’t worry. They’ve got your withdrawal covered.

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