Powerpoint Presentation on My Second Amendment Case

Second Amendment Powerpoint Viewer Presentation
Hosted by eSnips

If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint you can view my Second Amendment Presentation with the Powerpoint Viewer! Just click on the box at right to download the ZIP file. Unzip it to a folder of your choice. Then double-click on PPTVIEW.EXE to start the presentation.

The Second Amendment
Hosted by eSnips

And for those of you who do have Microsoft Powerpoint you can click on the box at right to download my Second Amendment presentation as a .PPT file and view it in Powerpoint.

Here is a brand new law review article coming soon in 2007 at BYU Journal of Public Law by David B. Kopel, Paul Gallant & Joanne D. Eisen, The Human Right of Self-Defense that is supporting evidence for my Second Amendment case!


Do you have a usable DVD Camera that I can use for Splashcasting news and commentary? 

“The SplashCast service enables anyone to create streaming media ‘channels’ that mix together video, music, photos, narration, text, as well as RSS feeds, PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents. These user-generated channels can be played and easily syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page. When channel owners modify their channel, their content is automatically updated across all the web pages ‘tuned’ to that channel.” Read more at http://www.splashcastmedia.com/

Do you have a Projector, or a Laptop-to-Multiple TV Converter gadget with software that you no longer use because you bought a new one? I can use them for presentations to the jury at trial. Would you donate them or loan them to me?

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