Shocking Surprise! The Second Amendment is an Absolute Right!

The Second Amendment is an Absolute Right!

My Quote (Comment) in Opposition to National & International Gun Control vs. Genocide As an Additional Insert into My Petition No. P-1142-06 Filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

My Quote in Email to Bernadine Smith, Second Amendment Committee:

“The ‘right to (openly) keep and bear arms’ clause of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution is an ‘Absolute Right’ under the Tenth Amendment as the final arbiter on the balance of power between the People, the State Governments, and the United States Government! Therein rests the right to armed rebellion against any a government, be it local, county, State, or Federal Government that becomes oppressive and despotically tyrannical in a militaristic or fascist regime or any other type of government operating outside the limits of the United States Constitution. The “shall not be infringed” clause of the Second Amendment implies an ‘Absolute Right’ because something that is Absolute means that it cannot be infringed. This is simple deduction.

“The oft asserted judicial and executive branch claim of governmental interest for the United States in prohibitively or restrictively legislating and regulating firearms possession, carriage, and usage under the Second Amendment to its near extinction is allegedly authorized by the Commerce Clause for the purpose of crime prevention and regulating commerce is, in actuality, the ways and means to commit either genocide or politicide at some future time. Crime prevention through disarmament is a fraudulent farce against humanity. Gun control as a crime prevention measure is a proven dismal failure many times over. There is no other effective goal against the Second Amendment rights of the American people but genocide or politicide. The ‘right to life’ provisions under the International Bill of Human Rights and other international conventions and declarations imply that our Second Amendment ‘right to [openly] keep and bear arms’ is an absolute right to protect ourselves from our own local, county, State, and Federal Governments, especially under the Genocide Convention as well as from invading forces (illegal immigration), under the Law of Nations. And by extension the ultimate goal of the United Nations global gun control agenda is to empower the Member States to an increased capability and efficiency to commit genocide or politicide without fear of armed reprisals from their own people that they may someday want to kill, massacre, or slaughter. Simple logic demands this conclusion.”

Don Hamrick November 26, 2006, in an email to Bernadine Smith, Second Amendment Committee concerning the Second Amendment, genocide, and international treaties. (Revised and expanded, November 30, 2006)

Bernadine Smith’s Reply:

“Don: From my point of view, I think you are right dead center on target with your “genocide” thesis.”

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