Open Letter to All Second Amendment Groups:
I Can’t Fight the World Alone!

MY OPEN LETTER QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU: Why won’t you write a commentary, an opinion piece, or a news report about my Second Amendment fight against the U.S. Government and against the United Nations?

This blog got top billing at Free Constitution: The Transcending Sovereignty’s Second Amendment Carnival VI. The commentary states:

“The ‘right to bear arms’ means exactly what it says, open or concealed. Open-carry is just as important as concealed-carry. The NRA & SAF treat this as taboo. Mr. Don Hamrick however, takes it very seriously, help him out.”

As many of you know my litigation in the U.S.A. federal courts for Second Amendment rights to openly keep and bear arms of American seafarers in intrastate and interstate travel and at sea transiting pirate waters has been ongoing these last 4 years. Most recently because my Second Amendment case was getting nowhere even after I moved my case from Washington, DC to the U.S. District Court in Little Rock Arkansas I took my case to the international level by filing my Petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

I did this on hope that because I have taken my case internationally by litigating the Second Amendment as a human right in addition to being a constitutional right that I would generate interest and support and even get some news reports and commentary and opinion pieces published by Second Amendment advocates and journalist.


I don’t understand this blatant apathy. Is it because my Second Amendment case for National Open Carry runs counter to the NRA’s National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry? And is it because no one dare stand in the way of the NRA?

I have taken Brannon P. Denning’s law review article, Gun Shy: The Second Amendment as an “Underinforced Constitutional Norm,” Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Summer 1998, Page 719 and applied it to the American Merchant Marine industry to show Wayne LaPierre AND all you so-called Second Amendment patriots, advocates, and lobbyists, that there is a whole section of a Second Amendment war front available with which to prove the Second Amendmdent is an individual right designed to be used in the “Common Defence” of their community, their county, their State, and their Nation.

Now comes a new Second Amendment war front: the Maritime Labour Convention 2006!

You can read about it here.

This Maritime Labour Convention 2006 falls short of protecting unlicensed seafarers in three areas: (1) harassment & bullying in the workplace, discrimination not based on a persons race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin and in some instances sexual preference but simply based on abuse of authority and power of the licensed officer over the unlicensed crew member. (2) does not cover firearms as a means of protection against pirates at sea; and (3) does not provide protection for seamen taking a civil case to court, i.e., USA federal courts arbitrarily deny the Seamen’s Suit law (18 U.S.C. § 1916) without filing in forma pauperis application which is tantamout to extortion (18 U.S.C. § 872) when the seamen refuses to file in forma pauperis he must then pay the filing fee (Stigmatic Harm). Other courts respect and honor the Seamen’s Suit law. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court do not respect this law, they have coerced me into paying. No help has come forward with the FBI or the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice from my complaints.

In writing this email I was surprised to learn that the British union NUMAST was recently taken over by Nautilis/UK. But I am also pleasantly surprised to find on their Web site their report, Union ‘Appalled’ by Government Piracy Response. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea requires all countries to ‘cooperate to the fullest possible extent’ in repressing piracy. It is my contention that this includes arming the unlicensed seafarers with appropriate firearms to counter the threat of priates. Just because I suggest the idea of armed seafarers and the idea of National Open Carry for American citizens in the USA I have been shunned and ignored by the NRA and the Second Amendment community as though I committed the unpardonable sin of individualistic thinking.

Perhaps this collective “Don’t give a damn!” attitude is based on the individual’s belief that someone else will help me. Well, the problem with this “passing the buck” mentality is that it ends up being that no one helps me! Shocking? It ought to be!

This pathetic attitude even infects the federal courts. I recently suffered a dimissal (without prejudice) of my EEOC/Civil Rights case of wrongful discharge from a SeaLand container ship because I stood up to harassment and bullying. In response to the dismissal of my case I filed my Motion for Relief of Judgment to Dismiss where I literally accuse the judge of incompetence, aiding and abetting extortion of filing fees, and of bias and bigotry against an unrepresented civil plaintiff. I feel much of these allegations also apply against all Second Amendment groups who are aware of my Second Amendment case for much the same reason of institutionalized self-presservation because if I win my case there would be little need for SecondAmendment lobbyists or activist groups.

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