YouTube Videos as a Source of Information?


(1) Disbarred attorney Teddy Moore fighting corruption in the federal judicial system compares the federal judicial system with Nazism. Published author of “The Fixer: Why the U.S. Judiciary is so Corrupt.”

(2) Short video clip of Wayn LaPierre at CPAC 2006

(3) MSNBC LIVE: Wayne LaPierre speaks out against U.N. on Global Gun Ban.
Hey Wayne! Why won’t you speak out about my Second Amendment case?!

(4) FOX NEWS Hannity & Colmes on the United Nations
Evidence to Disband the United Nations! If the U.N. is corrupt and if the U.S. Government is corrupt would this be cause to revolt? How unstable is the United States? The world? Will the war on terrorism spill over to an Aztlan uprising? To global urban warfare of the 4th Generation Warfare type of guerilla warfare tactics? Will we see global anarchy before global sanity returns?

(5) COPWATCH DENVER: How close are we to being an Americanized Soviet Union with KGB style surveillance of the American people?

(6) COPWATCH CINCINNATI: Cops run a barricade protect a Copwatch blockparty responding to officer needs assistance in a questionable arrest.

(7) COPWATCH BERKLEY: Copwatch not riding his bicycle on a sidewalk was ticketed for riding a bicycle on a sidewalk


(9) Judicial Watch Informational Video

(10) Huricane Katrine, ABC News, September 8, 2005
Gun Confiscation: Citizens Handcuffed, Forced To Give Up Firearms

(11) The Ignored Civil War: The Stirrings for the Nation of Azatlan!

(12) Liberty or Death?


CAUTION: Some videos contain obscene language

(1) Comedy Video on Convenience Store Robbery! Why everybody should be armed! I love that gramma! 10 minute, 20 second video.

(2) Dumb Cop Video. Did this citizen have cause to make a citizen’s arrest of this cop for leaving the scene of an “accident?”

(3) Dumb DEA Agent shoots himself in the foot with a Glock 40 while lecturing a high school class on gun safety. Then the idiot agent attempts to bring out a rifle to display but the students start up with objections. One shouting to the assistant “Put it down!”

(4) Police officer and police dog (German shephard) in foot chase with with suspect?

(5) Dallas Police officer Tasers himself

(2) OFF TOPIC: Funny video on the art of gun control.

(3) Chaney shotguns the Easter Bunny amongst children!

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